Henley Here We Come!

This week has been very exciting for all at Go Green Taxis as we are now serving Henley-on-Thames, offering a 24/7 service for residents and businesses.  We decided to launch our service in the Henley market after being hugely successful in other towns including Oxford, Wallingford, Didcot, Abingdon, Wantage and Newbury.  Here at Go Green Taxis we put a huge emphasis on providing a professional, reliable and competitive service, as well as a strong commitment to the environment.

Our Commercial Director, Mark Parham, commented that “We are all looking forward to providing a first class service in Henley and given the location of the town between some of our core markets and the airports, it’s a natural progression for us.  Henley is a fantastic town and we firmly believe that the service which we provide will be warmly welcomed, with low fixed prices and uniformed drivers.  Our community involvement and green initiatives also set us apart and, wherever we go, we really do make a difference within the local area”.

We operate a 100% fixed prices basis – the fare that is quoted is the price that customers pay so there are no hidden charges for customers.  With a call-centre that operates 24/7 and an app that can be downloaded, it couldn’t be easier to book a cab.  Whether it’s a short trip to the shops or a longer trip to the airport or into London, Go Green can provide the transport.  We have uniformed drivers and ultra-modern vehicles which all carry a sophisticated and stylish corporate livery.

For us the launch of Henley signifies exciting growth here at Go Green Taxis and we cannot wait to offer our professional, reliable and competitive service to Henley and beyond!

Go Green Halloween 2017

Here at Go Green Taxis this past week has seen the vehicles and offices be taken over by haunted happenings. From Halloween spooky buses, scary drivers and a haunted Facebook Live competition we have been busy making sure this Halloween has been our best one yet.

Our Go Green Taxis Newbury office was bewitched into a haunted hallway for a spooky Facebook Live competition. The Facebook audience helped the marketing team answer riddles to escape the maze before facing the evil witch who held the key to escape. Our receptive followers came through and won their share of the treats by helping us.

It’s not just the marketing team who have been enjoying all the spooky activity. On Halloween weekend a specially commissioned makeup artist, Vanisha Solanki, came down to Go Green Taxis Didcot HQ from London to work her mysterious magic and transform some of our drivers into scary creatures from the world of horror. Our spooky drivers ranged from The Joker to a werewolf, and whilst they were having their make up transformation the marketing team stole their taxis to zombify them. The Halloween taxis and their scary drivers were a haunting combination and customers who travelled in a spooky bus shared some fab scary selfies with us. A huge thank you to them and Vanisha for making our Halloween one to remember.

Now November is here all talk of Halloween will be soon forgotten and the Christmas festivities are beginning at Go Green Taxis. If you can feel a chill in the air it’s no longer haunted happenings giving you the shivers, it’s because Winter is coming!

It’s Our Birthday!

From celebrations to decorations: here at Go Green Taxis we are toasting 8 years of success this month. From staff who have been with us from the beginning to the latest recruits, every birthday marks an occasion to be proud of and a specially commissioned birthday cake was made for the office celebrations.

Director and co-founder Mark John commented: “8 Years into our business and we are continuing to achieve our dreams from 2009 when we hoped to provide a first class, environmentally friendly taxi service to the whole of Oxfordshire and beyond. Since then we have safely transported hundreds of thousands of customers and have built a brand that we are very proud of.”

We have grown from just 1 car and 2 drivers to having a fleet of over 75 vehicles and 150 drivers and these numbers are increasing monthly. The Go Green fleet includes the Hybrid Toyota Prius, 8-seater Ford Tourneo, Mercedes E-Class, Fully Electric Nissan Leaf and the latest addition the disabled-access Peugeot Premier to meet the requirements of the whole community.

The last year has brought significant growth for us as we opened additional offices in Newbury and Oxford to complement our existing taxi services in Didcot, Wallingford, Wantage and Abingdon. Alongside these growing markets, we have expanded our online presence utilising a website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a Youtube channel. August this year showcased the first ever Go Green commercial that went viral with over 145,000 views across all social media platforms.

In addition to the commercial side of the business we have a dedicated #GoGreenEcoSquad that literally dig deep by planting trees at local primary schools. We also have a  partnership with the World Land Trust with a longstanding monthly commitment to purchase and protect rainforests and animals across the world.

Looking to the future, Mark John commented: “If you've ever used our green taxi service before, you will know that our drivers are second to none. But our dream is far from complete, we still have many more customers to reach, many more emissions to cut and many more trees to plant.”

As we blow out our birthday candles this month, we are looking forward to celebrating the next 8 years with the same growing success whilst maintaining that we are ‘The Taxi that doesn’t cost the Earth!’.