Here at Go Green Taxis this past week has seen the vehicles and offices be taken over by haunted happenings. From Halloween spooky buses, scary drivers and a haunted Facebook Live competition we have been busy making sure this Halloween has been our best one yet.

Our Go Green Taxis Newbury office was bewitched into a haunted hallway for a spooky Facebook Live competition. The Facebook audience helped the marketing team answer riddles to escape the maze before facing the evil witch who held the key to escape. Our receptive followers came through and won their share of the treats by helping us.

It’s not just the marketing team who have been enjoying all the spooky activity. On Halloween weekend a specially commissioned makeup artist, Vanisha Solanki, came down to Go Green Taxis Didcot HQ from London to work her mysterious magic and transform some of our drivers into scary creatures from the world of horror. Our spooky drivers ranged from The Joker to a werewolf, and whilst they were having their make up transformation the marketing team stole their taxis to zombify them. The Halloween taxis and their scary drivers were a haunting combination and customers who travelled in a spooky bus shared some fab scary selfies with us. A huge thank you to them and Vanisha for making our Halloween one to remember.

Now November is here all talk of Halloween will be soon forgotten and the Christmas festivities are beginning at Go Green Taxis. If you can feel a chill in the air it’s no longer haunted happenings giving you the shivers, it’s because Winter is coming!